To Brightest Stars

I settled on this blog name after seeing the quote:

I looked on Google but never found it attributed to anyone. This quote means a lot to me, and it’s deeply personal.

I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety since high school. Probably before then, but my memories are hazy from that part of my life. I coped with my situation by blocking those memories out, to survive in that environment. From high school until college I didn’t thrive, I survived.  This I consider my “darkest night”.

Then I started counseling. I had answers for how much pain I was in. I had answers for how to break the cycle. I learned how to free myself and learn to live a better, healthier life. This is my “brightest stars”.

I’m living a full life. It’s not perfect, I’m completely lost when it comes to a career. Emotionally and mentally I feel strong and I feel healthy. That’s the important part. I can figure out what to do next because I have the tools.  I’ve worked through my darkest nights and I will become a bright star. I will succeed. That’s the important part.