Help! Is it okay to ask for help? (yes)

No one likes to ask for help.


In college I was doing very badly in a course (I cannot stress how bad I was doing, let’s just say I’m glad there’s no letter worse than F) and my teacher came to me and told me I needed to get a tutor. My ego was bruised, my pride hurt. I didn’t want to admit defeat and admit that I wasn’t doing well. I was an honors student in high school, but this department-specific course was kicking my butt.


I asked for help. My tutor ended up being another freshman (who was advanced a year worth of pre-req’s which, let’s be real, hurt my ego a little more) and he helped me improve my homework grades. I still struggled in that class, but I managed to escape it with a C.


No one likes to ask for help. But I learned through my college experience that sometimes you need it. Sometimes you have to admit that you’re in a little over your head. And it’s ok. Everyone has had to ask for help.


Do you think CEOs get to where they are without assistants? Without delegating work? Do you think the top bloggers get to where they are without hiring a virtual assistant?


No. They get to where they are by working with people who excel in the areas they may not. They have the big ideas but need help executing? They’ll hire a manager. A blogger has great ideas and experiences but struggles with grammar and spelling? They hire an editor or proofreader.


Are you a court reporter struggling to find time to get your proofreading done once your work comes back from your scopist? Hire a proofreader. By hiring a proofreader to go over your work to do that final polish, you give yourself time to take another deposition and cover the cost. You’ll be able to spend more time out in the field. Even if you don’t usually use a proofreader but you’re stressed with the number of depositions you’ve committed to, you can hire a proofreader for a one-time job. There’s a large field of proofreaders available to help.


Are you a creative entrepreneur looking to expand your business but bogged down with the mundane tasks? Let me do them! There’s nothing I love more than a clean inbox. As your virtual assistant it’s my job to act as your administrative assistant, just at a distance. I’ll handle the tasks that bore you so you can focus on growing your business.


It’s ok to ask for help. It can grow your business. It can reduce your stress. You’re worth it.


If you’re looking for a proofreader or a virtual assistant, feel free to click the links for more information.