What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a virtual assistant?


Have you heard “virtual assistant” around the internet and aren’t sure what exactly it is? A VA is someone who does various duties remotely, via the internet, to help support a business or entrepreneur. Their role is to help that owner/entrepreneur run their business by taking on tasks that they may find dull, time-consuming, or beyond their expertise. This way they can focus on the parts of their business they find fulfilling, typically the more creative aspects.


What does a virtual assistant do?


There is no limit to what a virtual assistant can do. If you need help with e-mail management, a VA can do it. If you need assistance improving your Pinterest presence, a VA can do it. If you need assistance with editing and proofreading, a VA can do it. VA’s can also:

  • Manage social media presence
  • Create graphics for your blog and Pinterest
  • Manage analytics for website and Pinterest traffic
  • Calendar management
  • Customer service
  • And so much more!

Interested in knowing more things a virtual assistant can do? Head on over to Gina Horkey’s list of 150+ services a VA can offer.

Who can use a virtual assistant?


Well honestly, anyone can use a virtual assistant. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who does business online can use a VA. Even brick-and-mortor stores can use a VA to increase web presence and try and translate that to foot traffic and sales. Do you hate sorting through your e-mail filled with customer inquiries, spam, and your e-mail subscriptions? Hire a VA to sort, answer, or delete unwanted e-mails. Need help promoting your blog? A Pinterest VA can create images, promote your posts in groups, and increase your audience through Pinterest. (Did you know that Pinterest is actually considered a search engine rather than social media? Who knew! A Pinterest VA did 😉 )


Who can be a virtual assistant?


If you have an internet connection, a computer, a willingness to learn, and motivation to succeed, you can be a VA. How? The authority on becoming a Virtual Assistant these days is Gina Horkey, who wrote an article about becoming a VA on her blog. Gina is an absolute wealth of information and resources when it comes to starting your VA business. In fact, I am a graduate of her 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success course.


Interested in hiring a virtual assistant?


You’re in luck, I’m offering some virtual assistant services. Head on over to this page, and we can get started discussing how I can help support you in your business and meet your goals.

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