My name is Natalie and while I haven’t been on this Earth for very long, I’ve had a world of experience in some of the nitty gritty parts of life. I have not had an easy road to where I am today, however I’m grateful for what I’ve experienced and how it’s made me who I am.


I came from a home where I’ve had to deal with mental illness from a parent and then myself. I have worked hard to get to a point where I am healthy and I want to help others deal with similar difficulties. I’m a budding entrepreneur trying to find my way in a freelancing world. I like to post about mental health, cooking, how to make cleaning less annoying, and things that I love.


I live in a tiny little midwest town with my husband and our cat, Otter. I am presently working as a freelance proofreader specializing in court and legal transcripts.