Hello world!


WordPress made that title, but I like it. It’s what I want out of this blog, to greet the world!

I’m here to post about the things that are relevant in my life right now, and I’m sure relevant in the lives of many others. I’m recently married and navigating that relationship while raising our cat, Otter, and my rabbit with an attitude, Rory. The two of them are a big enough handful for now!

I want this blog to chronicle my life as I figure out what I’m doing. I’m just turning 26 and starting a career change. I’m unhappy with the career part of my life while I figure out what I want to do and how to get what I want. I’m figuring out how to do my own taxes, cook healthy meals, clean my home properly, and enjoy my life. Millennials have a bad reputation with the older generations for being lazy and not doing what we’re “supposed to”. I don’t think that’s true. I think we have more opportunities in a world that is fighting us back much harder than our parents and grandparents. But that’s not getting us down. We’re hopeful. We’re successful. And we’re motivated.