Virtual Assisting Services

Find yourself struggling to keep up with the day-to-day necessities of running your business or blog? Want someone to take some of the load off and allow you more time to do what you love and grow your business?

Look no further. Hire me!

My name is Natalie and I am a newlywed ready to take on the challenge and excitement of handling your business. I am highly organized and motivated (if it helps, I planned my own wedding single-handedly in six months!).

Quality Virtual Assistant Services

What can I do to help your business? Here are just a few ways,

Administrative duties– I’d be glad to help you deal with the mundane tasks centered around managing your business including managing your calendar, scheduling appointments and meetings, generating forms and reports, and creating presentations.

Social Media– Let me take the time to post on Facebook and Pinterest, sharing current work, bringing up past work, highlighting talent within your business, highlighting talent of businesses or individuals you are affiliated with, creating banners, headers, and graphics, replying to comments, messages and mentions, and creating and moderating groups.

Blog/Website– Instead of spending hours in the comments section, let me moderate the comments section or forum. I will gladly source photos, add watermarks to copyright your content, edit and proofread posts, and minor website maintenance.

Email Management– Who has time to answer a hundred emails? Not you! Let me sort through the spam (deleted), subscription lists you didn’t know you signed up for (unsubscribed), reply to common questions, and the rest will be flagged for your viewing or shared with the team as appropriate.

Any of this sound good to you? I can do those, and more! Unload these tasks onto me so you can go do what you are the best at, creating amazing content and building your business.

Ready to get moving? Can’t wait to hear from you!